Inclusion And Diversity

Diverse In Approach

At Granite Global Team, Inclusion & Diversity doesn’t stop at our policies and hiring process, it threads through our core values, through our culture and into our portfolio companies. To drive optimal growth and be the best investor for our portfolio companies and wider network, Granite Global Team needs to be diverse in approach, and truly representative.

Diversity And Inclusion

As part of the Financial Service industry, Granite Global Team has a responsibility to help the industry to thrive, challenge homogenous teams and level the playing field for all. Our strategic approach starts at the top of the organization, making it a board-driven priority and the engagement doesn’t stop at our own door. In 2019, Granite Global Team committed to requesting that all Granite Global Team team comprise at least 25% females.

Diversity And Inclusion

We strive to find high performing talent that goes beyond an academic resume and repetitive talent pools. The goal is always to find entrepreneurial talent and team members with different backgrounds, perspectives, and approaches to bring a wealth of diverse thought, and to challenge the status quo.

Diversity And Inclusion

At Granite Global Team, we build on our inclusive culture, ensuring equality at every step of a Zenitarian’s career.

At Granite Global Team, we focus on ensuring our team members know they belong. We know our teams are at their best when they can be themselves and bring their whole selves to work and Granite Global Team is committed to providing the space and tools for everyone to do that.

How Do We Do It?

  • Through values & culture
  • Thorough recruitment
  • Robust learning, performance and development programs
  • Champions & networks
  • Challenge headhunters to present shortlist with an equal gender split
  • Global leadership training
  • Working with respect and feedback training
  • Committed to request that at least 25% of females on service provider teams working with Granite Global Team

We Know Balancing Parenting And Career Is As Important As It Is Challenging For Many Employees. Granite Global Team Has Decided To Offer Extensive Support To Facilitate Life For Parents With Young Children. Below Are Our Main Initiatives:

  • 26 weeks parental pay, including 100% of base salary and target bonus
  • All employees with children under the age of five receive an identical annual financial contribution to spend on services that facilitate everyday life
  • Internal and external mentors coach and support pre/during/post leave period
  • Digital tools to help managers and employees plan the leave and reentry in a smooth way
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